Rubber boot care

LaCrosse rubber products are built tough, and you can help prolong the life of your boots by keeping the rubber clean and conditioned. Listed below are a few cleaning tips that can help you get the most out of your LaCrosse rubber boots.

Boot Cleaning
Make sure to clean your boots before conditioning, especially if there is visible dirt and mud on them. This will allow the conditioner to reach the rubber. Use a wet rag or sponge to clean the entire exterior of your boots.

The sun can cause fading and early breakdown of rubber. To prevent this irreparable damage that can be seen as flaked, cracked, or excessively dry rubber, it is important to condition your boots regularly. Use a rubber conditioner after frequent use or every couple months during the off season. The conditioner should be applied liberally with a soft cloth on clean, dry boots. Wipe away excess and allow the boots to dry overnight.

When not in use, keep your boots in an insulated area like a finished basement or closet. If the boots are left outside or in an uninsulated garage, the rubber will shrink and grow with the temperature change from day to night. This could cause cracking in the rubber.

Don't fold the boots over. Leave them upright, or hanging upside down on a boot rack to avoid cracking or splitting.

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